Advertisement out, storytelling in. Are you in sync?

“Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill when it comes to business.”Gary Vaynerchuk People are interested in stories not in an interruption in the stories. We go to movies to watch the story and advertisements are shown to us as an interruption. Most use this time to either go to washrooms or smoke rooms. At … Continue reading Advertisement out, storytelling in. Are you in sync?

Before Content Marketing Begins

India offers enormous travel destinations, perhaps unmatched in the world. & yet do you know why mission Incredible India is not yielding the expected success? Why our Tourism is struggling? What we needed was Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan before we launch Incredible India mission. Unless we better our customer experience (CX), content marketing efforts would fail … Continue reading Before Content Marketing Begins

When Content Marketing Fails

The best one around!!! We spent three nights at the Homestay and loved every moment of it. The rooms are wonderfully kept, are clean while the bathroom is spacious and hygienically maintained. The breakfast was always yummy and authentic.  The owner was always a call away and helped us in every possible way to make … Continue reading When Content Marketing Fails

Content Marketing

Ten Steps to jump start Content Marketing

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” (Steve Jobs) - The customer, not technology, must be the core of your strategy. The same applies to content marketing. It is the customer that should be the focus of content marketing, not your product or services. CM … Continue reading Ten Steps to jump start Content Marketing

Human Centred Service Design

How to make your Organisation Human centered?

“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.” Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Director of Systems Design at the Earth Institute GST idea was good but implementation was bad, Demonetisation could have been handled better, and there are many examples of a good idea and … Continue reading How to make your Organisation Human centered?