I am a Chartered Accountant by education, have multiple decades of experience in the field of finance, business strategy for startups, customer experience, content creation, and content marketing.

I was a part India initiative of UK based Customer Experience Consulting Company. The quest for diversified knowledge over the years made me studying the subjects like Business Management (JBIMS, Mumbai), Customer Experience (Beyond Philosophy, UK), Human-centered Service Design (Acumen-IDEO), Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing (Hubspot Academy).

I bring with me a unique combination of knowledge in the domain of Finance, Customer Experience, and Content Marketing. 

I am also an author of an ebook on the subject of customer experience & service design titled The Bread is Moving and fiction The Fifth Idiot, which is about workplace happiness.

I have been blogging since 2010, and my (our) latest blog wethecouple.com is popular among fitness lovers. I am a regular contributor on LinkedIn.