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How Can Smaller Companies Win In The Digital World?

  • Nawazuddin Siddique’s movies can perform better than SRK’s movies. – Better Content
  • In 10 years Davids tea becomes a talk of the town tea retailer brand in the USA with 240 stores. – Better Customer Experience
  • Indian Passport authority can outperform private sector utility companies in citizen centricity. – Better Service Design
  • Mirakle Courier company is winning National awards. – Purpose along with the profit.

Yes, valuable content, effortless customer experience, better service design, and a higher purpose can do wonders for your business.

All the four are relatively new entrants in the Indian business arena. Though customer experience is finding its place in the corporate designations, little has been done by most companies on the ground to the better customer experience.

It takes visionary leaders like Steve Jobs who can think of customer experience as a central strategy for the business. We all know the end results of his approach – Apple products.

What startups or smaller companies with fewer resources need is an approach to think differently. An approach to HELP the target audience they want to become their customers. This can be done by;

  • Generating Valuable target audience focused content
  • Relentless focus on creating an effortless customer experience
  • A human-centered approach to service design
  • Pursuing a purpose along with the profit.

Let’s know each one of them in brief.

  • Valuable Content

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin

Content is what for which the search started first. Good content always attracts people, whether it is a movie or an insightful blog post.

What every marketer needs to know is people are not interested in your sales/marketing message. They are interested in solving their problem.

A company which is focusing on creating content which helps rather than sales wins more sales.

Content Marketing

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Why big companies like Johnson & Johnson and Colgate are focussing on creating helpful content? They have realised the importance of help marketing.

In an online world, better content created consistently not only wins audience but also likes by Google.

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Smaller companies can compete with larger companies with better content far better than competing on the marketing budget.

Before you embark upon the content marketing initiatives and the mistakes early movers are making. This will help you fetch better benefits.

Effortless Customer Experience

Customer experience is now considered the only sustainable advantage.

This is now realised and accepted by most of the companies. Yet most of the companies have failed to focus n better customer experience.

The benefit of word of mouth which comes with the better customer experience is immense. In the social world, this could have an exponential impact.

When most of the online buying is done after reading customer reviews, focus on better customer experience is the wisest approach top management should pursue.

While for the big companies it takes time to roll out customer experience initiatives and galvanize organisation wide support, small companies can quickly roll out the better CX movement.

As per the report, 8 out of 10 consumers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Better CX not only wins the market share but increase the margin too.

Forbes reports how smaller companies like Davids Tea, Advance Auto Parts Makers, and Thrivent Financial Insurance thrive by offering better customer experience.  Better CX is the sure way to win customers and become the talk of the town.

Davids Tea also produces excellent content for their website visitors.

Invest in better CX. Inspire customers to share their better experiences online. Reap the word of mouth benefits.

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Better Service Design

Service Design approach is the part of better customer experience. The service design approach to design customer experience helps the companies in structured thinking while they design their service experience.

Better customer experience starts with better service design.

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” Adam Judge

If you have not deliberately designed the customer experience, customers still feel the experience and mostly its bad.

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Purpose along with the Profit

The purpose along with the profit is the way a modern organisation works. In fact, it is a good business strategy to pursue a purpose which your target audience relates to.

Mirakle Courier

An interesting case study is an Indian startup company, Mirakle Courier. Their back office is run by 20 hard working deaf women with learned-by-doing knowledge in data entry and manipulation, tracking and scanning, sorting and other branch operations.

On the field, they have a team 44 talented male deaf courier agents that navigate the complex lanes of Mumbai.

They travel on public transport, avoiding traffic and remaining conscious of the environment. Founded by Dhruv Lakra Mirakle Couriers is a unique enterprise that hires only the hearing impaired to help them stand on their feet.

Stories of these companies build the brand and of course build revenue. All enterprises sooner or later are becoming a Social enterprise.

The purpose matters more than anything else. In his book ‘Looptail’, the author Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures writes;

“…. Social enterprise to me is about solving standard business problems with solutions that address social issues like environmental sustainability and economic inequality. That idea started a non-profit world, but more and more, you see it creeping into the for-profit world because the consumer is demanding it.

The customer doesn’t want to purchase something randomly; they want to know where that product is coming from and to identify with that brand. They want to know why they should purchase it and why they should purchase it from you. They want to understand what that brand and the people behind it stand for.”

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Taking on the mega companies is easier in times of an online world.

Valuable content, effortless experiences, better design, and higher purpose are drivers of the online world.  Days of self-shouting marketing is over.

New marketing is: Companies create valuable content and experiences. Customers speak about it and prospects listen.

Your role as a business enterprise is to make your existing customers becomes your spokespersons. Do whatever it takes. & it takes valuable content, effortless experiences, better design, and higher purpose.

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.” Nicole Snow

Without past baggage, and agility of a small enterprise, startups can focus on these 4 aspects and win the marketing battle in the Digital World.

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