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How can mid-size Indian professional service firms get new leads?

Content is King. For the professional firms like lawyers and chartered accountants, the Content is the only way to market their services. Content is critical for them. Indian midsized professional firms are facing growth crisis. There is a report which says larger firms are getting larger and smaller firms are thriving at the bottom of the practice market. Midsize firms are in a growth trajectory but they don’t know how to go about it.

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Content Marketing – a boon for the mid-size professional service firms:

The emergence of Content Marketing with the digital economy is a boon for the professional firms.

With the world going digital, publishing also goes digital. Every firm can be a publisher of the content. Content, which a target audience want to consume.  Larger firms have already taken up this new avatar and opportunity of marketing.

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Content without Strategy not effective: 

As per the latest survey Legal Technology Service Providers Use of Content and Social Media Marketing Survey almost every legal services company surveyed (94 percent) said their organizations planned to produce more content in 2018 than in 2017.

Meanwhile, half of the respondents said they had no documented content strategy. About a third said they had a strategy that wasn’t documented, and 13 percent said they planned on documenting a strategy within the next 12 months.

Content without strategy is a futile exercise.

Content creation is different from content marketing. Content creation is writers’ job, whereas Content marketing is a marketer’s job as it entails marketing science.

How to approach Content Marketing:

Midsized professional firms in India should think seriously about their content marketing strategy. The world has become digital and people do the online search before engaging with any company.

Though professionals services firms are getting their most of the business through word of mouth yet, the requirement of a powerful display of the knowledge and expertise is equally important.

Content marketing is the way to go.

Kickstart Content Marketing:

  • Have a defined Content Marketing purpose
  • Have a written Content Marketing Strategy
  • Have a list of defined target audience
  • Have a list of a target area of the practice to promote
  • Have a list of keywords to target
  • Have a clearly deified content types and frequency
  • Have a right matrix to follow to measure a success
  • Have clearly laid out content creation calendar
  • Have someone in charge of the initiative
  • Have in-house/outsource team of writers
  • Follow reader-friendly writing rules
  • Apply on-page SEO techniques
  • Have content promotion plan in place
  • Promote the content
  • Engage with the readers
  • Wait for 6 to 12 months to see the impact (However create, and promote consistently)
  • Review the strategy and plans after initial launch period

Remember whatever you do, your content needs to be interesting. The work you are doing may be boring or serious. Read my post: Why is your Content not interesting?

Why Content Marketing Fails:

Many firms do not follow the above guidelines. They just create the content and promote it.  However there is a science of what would be impactful headlines for a blog post, what is the best time to promote a blog post, and a few more.

Impact period of 6 – 12 months is important as most companies and films fail to want for the initial period and give up their content marketing initiatives.

Google takes time to recognize you as an expert in the particular field based on the quality content you create over the period of time. It is only when your firm gets a priority on the search engine when someone searches the targeted keywords/subjects.

Content marketing may be trendy but it’s not a phase. By now 93 percent of B2B marketers reported using the strategy. It’s safe to say that content marketing is here to stay.  It would be ideal for your firm to explore your options and let the strategy start to work for your firm.

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Get ready, Content Marketing is the future of marketing. Earlier you start, better it is for the firm. In the digital world, the impact of the marketing practices of the physical world is shrinking. Don’t, however, give up whatever marketing you are doing but add content marketing as a strategic marketing initiative.

Are you ready?

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