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Content Marketing Upsurge – The blog post for every CMO

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are the most vulnerable in the fast-changing digital world.  There are plenty of digital platforms and mediums hitting the market every day. What to use and how to balance the budget and the resources are the key challenges. But the one thing which remains constant is the need for good quality content.   Irrespective of platforms and mediums, quality content is what matters the most. Content Marketing is the answer and panacea of all the upheaval in the digital market.

Imagine you as a CMO in a position of the legendary film director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Is he going to get affected by various digital platforms and formats? Perhaps not. On the contrary, in this situation, his focus on quality will get sharper. When the social media and websites are burdened with excessive content, the good and interesting storyteller wins.

The same is applicable to Content Marketing. Best and interesting storyteller wins. CMOs need to focus on Content. The irony is there is hardly any differentiated content which people like to consume.

These content are premium content which is consumed and shared by the readers. Quality content is user/customer experience. It cannot be considered only as a marketing tool.

Content Marketing Data:

  • As per the latest study Content Marketing is three times more effective than paid search. Paid search requires continues investment, whereas content generates its own momentum as the time goes.
  • Content marketing generates more leads than outbound marketing. Content Marketing builds trust and is cheaper too than outbound marketing.
  • Another report suggests, content converts six times more than traditional marketing.
  • Blog posts populate website and which in turn gives better SEO results.
  • 16 plus blog posts per month are better traffic than zero to 4 blog posts.
  • Adverting is an interruption while good content is insightful. People avoid advertisement while they seek good quality content.
  • As per the research, half of the population between the age 18-49 consume their news and information online.
  • Small businesses with a blog get 126% more lead than businesses without a blog.
  • Content Marketing builds trust as 61% of the US online consumers have made a purchase based on blog recommendations.

Many companies have Digital Marketing In Charge. Their sole focus is on Google Ad words, facebook or other social media paid advertisement.  Pay Per Click is what they understand because is easy.

Robert Rose, author and a leading Marketing Strategist writes,” Content marketing strategy can be the foundation for a nonexistent integrated digital marketing strategy.”

Most of the Digital Marketers lack strategy. They do a lot of digital activities but lack Digital Marketing Strategy.

Robert Rose writes Content marketing is the opportunity to make everything we do better.

Content Marketing Content:  

Anything and everything is content, but not for content marketing. If a real estate company writes a post how NRIs can buy property in India, it will have 20 more similar posts to compete with. However, if they write about the case study of an NRI client who had purchased a property from them, chances are that it will be unique and Google will treat it better than other posts.

The key is unique, insightful, interesting, contextual and Google-friendly content.

Most Content Marketers do following three major mistakes.

  • Create content about own product and services.
  • Create generic and undifferentiated Content. Your content should be as differentiated as your product /services.
  • The content lacks storytelling aspects. Do you like documentaries or movies? So is your target audience.

In fact, Wipro has Chief Storyteller designation. Wipro is an IT company and not a filmmaking company. This indicates where the world of marketing is moving towards. Bianca Ghose, their Chief Storyteller, her role as stated on her Linked profile is:

Bianca helps craft and tell the Wipro story in a creative and ‘new-age’ way. She is championing the shift to creative and visual storytelling across ‘owned’ digital platforms (website, search, social) and external touch points (partnerships, events).

Customer Experience and Employee Experience stories can be a great way to create branded the content.

Some companies do not allow their employees to go social. They are missing out on a big opportunity. Happy employees are the biggest brand ambassadors. Encourage your employees to write their stories. If require have a guide of dos and don’ts.

Have a purpose beyond the business. Life Insurance companies can take up the purpose of Live Your Dream Life rather than only creating content about their insurance policies. Real Estate companies shall talk more about living a quality life / purposeful life of their customers than about their projects.

We all know how Zappos, a shoe retailer, propagates Happiness as a purpose. Their happiness stories not only build the brand but generate leads also.

CMO Content Marketing

Tony Hsieh has quoted; companies with a higher sense of purpose outperform others by 400%.

Content Marketing can be as creative as one can think of. & yes, it does generate business-friendly data.

Content Marketing Basics:

Whatever may be the form of the content, some basics need to be applied. This is important as I have reviewed various blogs and websites during the last few days and I have found basics are missing.

  • Keyword Targets: target expected keywords likely to be used by your target audience /persona.
  • Long tail Keywords: Long tail keyword attracts more traffic as it has less competition.
  • Keyword Competition: Checkout relevant keywords with less competition and more chances of search.
  • Blog Post Size: Mix of cornerstone article of 2000 words or more and posts about 700 -800 words.
  • Simplicity: Simple and easy to understand language, Short sentences, and short paragraphs.
  • On Page SEO: Have backlinks, internal links, proper heading, meta tags, image, CTA and share buttons.
  • Promotion: Organics and paid promotion both are important. Good content and bad promotion fail the good content. (Bad content and good promotion fails, it fast)

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Content in the Content Marketing is about customer experience. Content Marketing is an opportunity to showcase to your target audience what kind of company they are dealing with and what kind of experience they can expect from the company. Whether you are targeting content to attract the talent or customers, good content works.

Every CMO places high importance to their digital marketing activities. The smarter ones, back up the digital marketing with sound and long-term content strategy.  Without the right content, digital marketing lacks the engagement potential. Without the right content digital marketing is fragile.

Remember, you as a CMO is a promise maker, make sure the promise you make to the target audience, your organization fulfills it. Quality Content adds value to the content consumers’ life. The promise fulfillment begins with the quality content.



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