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How can Real Estate Intermediaries benefit from Content Marketing?

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”Seth Godin

Real Estate Intermediary market is a crowded marketplace. Fitting in and doing what everyone else is doing may cause failure, may not yield the desired result. Doing things differently is the name of the game and Content Marketing led Customer Experience is the way forward.

Content Marketing is a necessary initiative in the digital world. If you want to be found for the right reason on the Internet, strategic Content Marketing approach can go a long way to build trust and brand loyalty.

People’s buying process has 7 stages.  Whether they practice it explicitly or tacitly, but they pass through this stages.

Know | Like | Trust | Try | Buy | Repeat | Refer

Unlike sales only focus, the purpose of Content Marketing is to create useful content which educates and helps the target audience in their problem solving and decision making. Making their entire experience effortless creates that Wow! branded experience.

The Real Estate Industry:

Real Estate is a unique industry. The buyers are investing their life’s earning and discounting their future earning to buy the property. Rented property target audience mostly are new in the city. They prefer to deal with a trusted agent rather than an unknown person.

Therefore Trust is a critical factor in this industry. The irony however is, this industry is known for their actions which are untrustworthy. This is an important reason to adopt content marketing approach.

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The Digital Impact:

  • 90% of all the real estate buyers use the Internet to search for homes.
  • 78% of the consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than Ads.
  • 70% believe the organizations providing useful content are interested to build good relation with them.
  • Content Marketing produces about 3 times as many leads per dollar as paid search.

The Intermediary Professionals:

  • Real Estate intermediaries are known to be an aggressive deal closer.
  • They operate in a highly competitive environment.
  • Mostly they operate locally.
  • They deal with builders, legal professionals, and bankers and they deal with family members of the prospects. This is a mix of soft and hard skills.

How to engage earlier in the buying process:

Real Estate intermediaries have to step back and think about their long-term brand building strategy. Rather than focusing only on managing the day to day affairs and deals on hand, they need to take a holistic long-term view of their business.

In a way, it is easy to create a niche and differentiation where most intermediaries lack professional approach to their business. All they need to do is to engage with the target audience earlier in the buying process.

This is possible with the help of content marketing approach.

”Don’t think about people as targets of the sale. The question isn’t who can you land, it’s who can you help? ” Michael Stelzner writes in his book Launch.

This is how they can be of value to their target audience. The mindset of help before sell can change the priorities, and brand image of the service providers.

They need to create content which the target audience find valuable in their buying journey.

The science behind the Content:

Most content fails to produce the desired result as it lacks focused approach. Content for everyone is the content no one is interested. Evaluate the options of title and content of this blog post.

  • How can Real Estate Intermediaries benefit from Content Marketing?
  • How can Real Estate Intermediaries in Mumbai benefit from Content Marketing?
  • How can Real Estate Intermediaries in Andheri benefit from Content Marketing?
  • How can residential Real Estate Intermediaries benefit from Content Marketing?
  • How can residential Real Estate Intermediaries in Andheri benefit from Content Marketing?

The more generic the content is, the less quality leads it generates. The more specific the content is, the more quality leads it generates.

If you are an Intermediary, operating in Borivali area, your targeted content for the target audience interested in the Borivali market can out-compete all generic competing content.

Your Borivali market centric content establishes your expertise about the market and the target audience would trust your expertise and focus. This pre-buying trust would make them engage with you when they are at the decision point of engagement.

Different buyers have different personas. These broadly are;

  • Newly wedded couple
  • Family with small kids
  • Family with grown up kids
  • Retired Senior Citizen

Different personas have different challenges, goals, likes, dislikes, and preferences.

Targeted content with the intention to educate and help these different personas not only help you in SEO but it also establishes your trustworthiness.

Therefore your content should not only be targeted to the specific target audience but also the specific stage of the buyers’ journey.

“The more you know about your customers, the more you can provide to them information that is increasingly useful, relevant, and persuasive.” – Jay Baer

This is the art and science of content creation. Lack of this approach fails to give the desired result of your content marketing initiatives.

What is Content?    

There are many types of content that can be produced to cater and reach out to the target audience. Prominent among them are;

  • Blog
  • Ebook
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Customer reviews
  • Case studies/Customer stories

Remember: The language and subject of the content should keep target audience’s challenges and goals in mind, not the product or service you are out to sell. The purpose here is to HELP before SELL.

Don’t get tempted to fill the content with your marketing messages. This is not an advertisement, product brochure, or a company profile.

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What is the requirement for Content Marketing?

Of course the Content. But science-based focussed content, on a regular basis, is the key.

Every intermediary has to have a website and a blog.

If writing regularly and consistently is a challenge, engage with freelance writers.

Content marketing is not a campaign but it’s a part and parcel of regular marketing initiatives every company needs to undertake.  It does give higher ROI than other forms of digital marketing.

Traditional marketing efforts are giving a diminishing return on efforts as the market is crowded and attention span of the consumers is shrinking. To create a blue ocean market where competition is less relevant, content marketing approach can win the game.

 “Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” Seth Godin.

Before the content marketing strategy, the mindset change is the prerequisite.

Educate your target audience about the challenges they face and goals they pursue. Market scenario, dos, and don’ts, pros, and cons etc.

Help them to opt for an ideal solution. Present available options, SWOT of options, guide them to an ideal choice for their requirements.

Ease their transaction process. Explain the entire process, timeline, and cost, eliminate surprise elements and uncertainties, accompany them wherever required to close the deal. Lesser the efforts they had to put, higher the likelihood of gaining their loyalty for repeat and referral business.

And in the process Wow! their entire experience. Seamless execution from educating to transaction closer will make them feel Wow ! about the entire experience. Keep in touch with them post the transaction and even ask for the referrals. You have a right to ask for the referrals only when you have gained their Wow ! at the end.

The model to remember is:

Educate | Help | Ease | Wow!

& remember content creation is one part, content promotion is equally important. Keep promoting your content on social platforms. I will address the gamut of content promotion later.

What helps people helps business.” Leo Burnett

Over to you, your time starts NOW.

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