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Why Content is crucial for Healthcare Companies?

Cleveland Hospital in the US is perhaps the leader in the Patient Experience movement in the healthcare industry. The patient experience drive which they have launched is worth imitating by every healthcare service provider.

They prepared themselves solidly to launch the next new initiative to further enhance CX, i.e.  Content Marketing.

Before Content Marketing begins

Amanda Todorovich started content marketing at Cleveland Clinic in 2013. Under her leadership, Cleveland Clinic’s Health blog called Health Essentials grew from 200,000 monthly visits to 3.2 million monthly visits in just 18 months. Now the figure has crossed 4 million marks.

They were one of the finalists at Content Marketing Awards -2017.

The Mayo Clinic, the winner of Content Marketing in Healthcare Award- 2017, has earned a reputation as the most-trusted resource for medical information, and that helps brand advocates spread the word. A study found that 95 percent of Mayo Clinic patients stated that they actively promote the Mayo Clinic brand to others.

Engagement & Education are the two prime benefits of Content Marketing in health care. This is not true only for health care, but every industry as far as content marketing is concerned. But it is important for the healthcare industry as it is related to our health and the health of our near and dear ones. This is an emotional issue.

Preventive as well as curative health management education is important. People will remember those who are creating content for them.

As Michael Stelzner had said in his book Launch, Content is to help and not for sale.

People will remember the brand which is investing in their well-being without any expectations. Content will have recall value. This is what all brand strategist aims for. Useful content just for the benefit of everyone without expectations is the powerful fuel. Going an extra mile is free of competition. While other health care centers are waiting to get active when the patients arrive, the likes of Cleveland and Mayo Clinics are working for someone who is neither their customer nor a patient.

The leader comes with this kind of a long-term approach to brand building.

According to Ragan, the Cleveland creates extremely high-quality, credible content while considering the shareability of each article. Their process of fine-tuning what their readers want is best exemplified by the site’s newsletter, which has 50,000 subscribers and an impressive click-through rate of almost 60 percent.

”Our objective is really to help people improve their everyday lives,” Amamda Todorovich says. “It’s really not about only when they’re sick. It’s trying to keep them healthy as well.”

Cleveland started Content Marketing with a 3 person team, within 3 years it grew 8 times.

Remember: Content: Anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

What must have for healthcare content?

1)     Facts and figures supporting the information

2)     Patients’ experience case studies

3)     Preventive, curative, and managing the health conditions

4)     Patients’ voice

5)     Image or Infographic

As per the report by Contently,” A whopping 80 percent of respondents to the Pew survey reported going online for answers to their health questions.”

Imagine what these 80% people will find online when some proactive companies are ready to welcome and help them? Of course, content created by the companies like Cleveland and Mayo Clinics. Are you the one who wants to join these leaders?

Remember: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin

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