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When Content Marketing Fails

The best one around!!!

We spent three nights at the Homestay and loved every moment of it. The rooms are wonderfully kept, are clean while the bathroom is spacious and hygienically maintained. The breakfast was always yummy and authentic. 

The owner was always a call away and helped us in every possible way to make our vacation memorable.

Fully recommended

Excellent Stay

Stayed here for 3 nights in the second-floor rooms.

Rooms and bathrooms are squeaky clean and a bathroom has running hot water.

Food is prepared by the lady of the house itself.

We got to taste the authentic Kerala cuisine at his place which was Puttu and Idiyappam, food was very delicious and the pineapple served during breakfast was so sweet had it not been for other guests present I would have finished the entire fruit on my own.

They allowed us to use their washing machine and we did laundry running the machine twice.

They are very warm and helping I would recommend this place to everyone visiting the area.

The above two customer reviews are about one of the homestays in Kerala. There are 225 reviews as of today and 92% are 5 stars. This is not a small feat, rather, it’s a big achievement. You will hardly find such high percentage of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor.

To satisfy 225 customers consistently at the same high level is what customer experience is all about. This is a homestay so no deliberately designed touch points or personas. No matrix or CXOs involved. This is sheer passion by the owner to offer a warm and happy experience. Everything that followed this passion is reflected on Tripadvisor.

I had written about customer experience in my previous post Before Content Marketing Begins. When the company is truly passionate about their customers and experience they offer, content is created by their customers. Content created by customers is trustworthy and consumed by potential customers seriously.

Imagine the reviews above and on the other hand advertising and additional content created by another competing homestay, but customer-created content is something like the review below:


Terrible service. Ignoring guests do seem to be a core agenda here. Especially if you are not a foreigner. Just amused how racist these people can be. 

No one cares to ask for your meal preferences or does they give recommendations, sheer arrogance on every staff members faces. 

Placed order was not delivered correctly despite it being repeated by the waiter. 

In any Indian Restaurant, you would expect at least water to be served first – we had to remind multiple time to get a glass of water. 

Food quality is not bad but if the service is so pathetic and that too racist – no point visiting this place. We Indians should just boycott such places who still take pride to serve only the foreigners or the whites, to be more precise.

The new animal in the market known as content marketing is good for the customers, but it cannot replace the need and necessity of creating a compelling customer experience.

Experience-based content is the content that does the work, not experience less content. Experience less content is bound to fail. When many companies and brands are preparing to launch their content-driven marketing, remember what MUST precede such launch.

“Real content marketing isn’t repurposed advertising, it is making something worth talking about.” Seth Godin

Are you making something worth talking about before your content speaks?

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