Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Ten Steps to jump start Content Marketing

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” (Steve Jobs) – The customer, not technology, must be the core of your strategy.

The same applies to content marketing. It is the customer that should be the focus of content marketing, not your product or services. CM < CX. Content Marketing (CM) is a part of overall Customer Experience (CX) strategy of the company. Content marketing for the sake of marketing is hollow. People want valuable insight, access to great people and recognition before they want product or services.

“If you keep an eye on people and their desires, half of the mission will be achieved before you begin.” Michael Stelzner

All content created for content marketing initiatives should be enhancing the customer experience. This will only happen when we shift focus from selling to helping. Our ONLY sell focus is making us think and behave with short-sightedness.

The world has changed in as tine decade. Now we buy products and services after checking reviews. Even one, one-star review can spoil the game. Customer Experience is everything. These experiences are shared online and this sets the momentum for more sales.

The Social media specialist Michael Stelzner

Writes in his book Launch,” Don’t think about people as targets of the sale. The question isn’t who can you land, it’s who can you help? ”

He further writes which is very important,” If you are only focused on the sale, you are missing a mega opportunity.”

This help will be through creating quality and useful content for the customers (Potential too) and secondly, when they decide to deal with you lured by your quality content, offer an equally good experience which they would be happy to share back on social media to compensate your quality content which helped them to decide.

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The potential buyer consumes Quality Content which makes them decide to deal with your company, your Quality Experience creating capability will make them happy. In turn, they will share their happiness online /social media with their circle of influence. Everyone consumes their experience sharing and make up their mind to deal with you when the occasion arises. CM Plus CX can create a multiplier effect.

Only sided and sales focussed promotional content hardly is believed by most of the consumers of the content. Even if they believe it, they will check online reviews and if the company is failing in CX, promotion fails.

On the other hand quality content built trust, consumer of the content can make out the difference between help from sales speech.

Jumpstart your CM plan NOW.

1)     Look around what others are doing to get a flavour. It could be yours or other industry.

2)     Review your Customer Experience Agenda and check where CM fits in

3)     Decide the CM Agenda

4)     Appoint Content Editor (Might be outsourced)

5)     Brainstorm Content Ideas

6)     Plan your content calendar and platforms

7)     Publish Content at regular consistency

8)     Invite writers/experts if necessary, engage existing customers

9)     Read and learn from the feedback

10) Improve content quality and usage of platforms

Content creating capability is the skill in demand. This is the reason storytelling capability has suddenly become the need of the hour.

Jump starts the content marketing to help your customers. Beware: Have great customer experience, capability in place before.

Content Quote:

“Ultimately you create a platform of education and inspiration. That’s how you build a brand.” Jessica Alba

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin

Customer Experience Quote:

“Your impact is measured not by what you do, but by what happens to other people when you do it.” John Jantsch

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