Content Marketing

New skills every Content Marketer needs

“Decide the effect you want to produce in your reader.” Robert Collier

Once in our earlier B2C venture, we had engaged with content writers who were good at technical knowledge but that is it. They may be fit to write for professional journals, but not for B2C customers.

Boring content with technical jargon, howsoever correct it may be, will not be consumed. Movies only with the message are known as art movies, not a commercial movie. We all know the commercial fate of such movies. Therefore, we have movies like 3 Idiots and Toilet, Ek Prem Katha, (Toilet, One Love Story) movies with a social message and also interesting story content.

The Golden line for content writer/marketer:

Simplify, make it interesting, generate interest in your offerings and create a desire.

In a market driven by meaningful content, every company needs to become Media Company. Every company needs to generate interesting content which interests and consumed by potential and existing customers.

Two skills that every content marketer (every company) will need now are:

1)     Creative Writing

2)     Story Telling

Develop in-house, outsource it or recruit, companies can’t win the content battle without these skills. SEO and Social Media skills will help only if these basic skills are in place.

The more companies become content driven, the more they have to become customer driven. The more they become customer driven, the more they have to become experience driven. Storytelling cannot exist without customer stories. Customer stories can come either from pathetic experience or wow! experience. Content marketers are going to drive customer experience movements in the companies.

This is how they enter Blue Ocean and create a sustainable competitive advantage. It’s all linked.

“You must make the product interesting, not just make the ad different. And that’s what too many of the copywriters in the U.S. today don’t yet understand.” Rosser Reeves

Once you are in the Experience business, you need Experience mindset people. Product and service are the bases, but toppings will come from Experience. Therefore creative writing and storytelling skills will make room for the Experience creators.

If your company is not an experience creator, you will be lost in so many interesting stories about experience floated by experience creating companies.

Even simplicity and ease of dealing is an experience, but you need to achieve that. We all are worried about the ease of doing business for countries, but we are clueless about what our customer thinks of us about the ease of doing business.

In short, content marketing is about customers. Customers need a solution to their problem. The company that offers them with ease, trust and a flavour of Wow! wins.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”Andrew Davis, Professional Speaker, Monumental Shift.

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