Blue Ocean Strategy
Content Marketing, Customer Experience

How to create a Blue Ocean for your company with Content Marketing?

Which would energize me (or anyone) more as a creative business professional?

  • Creating content that has the primary purpose of driving the sales pipeline and a secondary purpose of improving the lives of my user.
  • Creating content that has the primary purpose of improving the lives of my user and a secondary purpose of driving the sales pipeline.

Most marketers are practising the 1st option but the effective content marketing is about the 2nd option. People are not interested in what you do. They are more interested in why you do and what your intention is.

General Insurance or for that matter life insurance is about helping people when they are in trouble. Yet their marketing messages are nothing more than selling messages. Which insurance company do you think is interested to help you with your better health management or better vehicle management, improving your vehicle ride, interested to help you better manage the vehicle, interested to guide you for safer driving, or a better travel experience/management? Probably none. All are out to sell. Remove the brand indemnity logo and we can’t differentiate.

The Cleveland Clinic is a large hospital in the US. When they create content they are not talking about how you get a better treatment in their hospitals. They don’t even talk about their treatment expertise or state of the art modem technology. They are just interested in the better health of the people. Period.

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Aren’t Insurance companies missing the bus by mere sales focus in their million dollar communications? They remain in the red ocean and cry about the competition. There are ways and means to venture into the blue ocean, but no one dares. No one is interested to build a people-friendly brand. They all are building mere insurance brands.

Cleveland is not a hospital brand; they are a brand for my good health. They are caring about what I eat and how I feel. They are about my wellbeing. Their secondary purpose is selling. Their primary purpose is improving the life/health of the people.

Insurance companies can build a huge brand by their people friendly content marketing strategies. Selling will take care of itself if you take care of the people you want to sell. The key point is who would dare to do it differently? Who would invest in making a brand enduring and people friendly? Who would keep an immediate ROI mindset aside?

Why only insurance companies? Isn’t this applies to every company? Companies are complaining about the red ocean bloodbath in a cutthroat competition arena but all are busy again in cutting others’ throat. Only a visionary leader like the leadership at the Cleveland can stand out and create their own blue ocean.

The right Content Marketing strategies have the power to create a brand, people love.

“Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.” Andrea FryrearBlog

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