Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Are you missing out on the Content Marketing game?

The answer is perhaps YES.

The other day I was at a clinic of a dialectologist doctor for my father. The doctor is well-known for his tech usage. He has his App for appointment booking and virtual consultation. So far so good.

But the patient will get to see the doctor 60 to 120 minutes after the appointment time. Tech usage for his own convenience but as far as Patients’ experience goes pathetic experience every time. Imagine diabetic patient waiting for one to two hours. Most patients are the senior citizen and they need to eat every two hours.

We have to deal with this long waiting time at most of the specialist doctors in Mumbai. He has put up a big screen in the waiting area. Usually, he shows his own video with relevant messages for the patients’, after a while everyone gets bored and doctor’s repeated voice becomes a noise.

This time what I found interesting was the screen was showing clips of Charlie Chaplin movies. The result, patients waiting were engrossed in the scenes, they were laughing and were happy. The waiting time which is otherwise painful turned into an interesting time. People were enjoying their waiting time.

If you can’t reduce the waiting time, make it enjoyable. The doctor has used the Content to educate with his messages in between and entertain with Charlie Chaplin movies. A perfect mix of self and customer focus.

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Recently I received a video clip made by Godrej on Whatapp. This was made based on the theme of the popular movie Sholay. View this clip. (This is in Hindi)

The brand is entertaining the viewers with a smartly made clip and at the same time promoting the brand. This is enjoyable, quickly shareable, and enhances the brand recall value.  Viewers become the brand promoters. What does more a company need?

Every company has been creating Content since inception, but it was only with the Self-focus. the difference now is; Content should be Customer focussed.

Content-led marketing is not about your sales pitch, marketing collateral, product information. The Content is about, educate, entertain, help, and inspire.

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Has your company created content which does any of these four? If the answer is NO, you are not in Content Marketing space.

In my previous post How Colgate is thriving with Content Marketing, I had quoted Sandy Carter,

“What is engagement? Very simply it is the way that a company or country holds the attention of its ecosystem, client or potential client.

Whatever marketing and advertising content your company is creating, has the power to hold the attention of your target audience? Remember, we are living in an attention deficit and content overload world.

Content is used by companies to better the customer experience and content is used to educate and create the brand recall value. Content savvy companies are using content like blog posts, videos, infographic, eBooks, and platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp to promote the content.

Whatever your content is and whatever your content promotion platforms are, Content creation and publications is a part and parcel of the company’s key function. As the Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Vayner Media, writes, “The faster your business realizes that it’s a media company, the more likely it will be to succeed in 2020, in 2025, in 2030.”

Moving from only Sales focus to educate, entertain, help, and inspire focus is the beginning of Content Marketing game. Playing Content Marketing game requires a different kind of mindset. Here the Content comes first and Marketing second. Customers come first, product and services come second. As a result word of mouth and customer referrals speed up the journey of the sales funnel.

Are you ready to take a plunge to play this new game called Content Marketing? You may share interesting content marketing and customer experience stories in the comment section.

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