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8 reasons for content marketing for Real Estate Companies

When Indian real estate developers are coping with RERA and GST, dealing with new has now become a norm. Tom Peters used to say, Thriving on Chaos. Adding to this chaos, traditional marketing which used to yield results for real estate companies are not as effective as it used to be.

90% home buyers use the internet for search.

78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

70% believe organisations providing custom content are interested in building good relationship with them.

Having known the above data, it would be pertinent to know what content marketing is:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

The days of self-promotion are numbered. We are living in times of referral and reviews. Our potential customers need more knowledge about what they want to buy. Most do not believe in the self-promoted advertisements. Advertisement for awareness is fine, but for sale, we prefer independent ratings, customer reviews, and referral from family and friends.

Customer Experience (CX) is no doubt the number one priority for every enterprise.

Nothing else but better CX will generate better reviews and referrals. Period.

“Deliver a product once a month, but an experience every day.” — Lars Silberbauer, Global Senior Director of Social Media and Video, LEGO

However, even after better CX, companies need to focus on marketing. But traditional marketing is not yielding enough results. The new name of the marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is within the overall ambit of better CX

Do not just sell with your advertisement, educate customers. Who you are and what you have to offer matter less than how dealing with you will ease my pain and solve my problem.

When I am buying a house, not only my accommodation problem and all the peripheral problems are my problems. This may not be the solution a real estate company is providing.

For some buyers, commuting is an issue, for others safety, for some other good school, for others market and shopping. Different age group of buyers is facing different problems and priorities.

Therefore, it is important for real estate companies to create content that addresses the need of their potential buyers. Better, usable and relevant content do generate more leads.

As per the research, effective content marketing can generate 3 times as many leads.

The goals of content marketing are as defined by;

1)     Built trust and rapport with your audience

2)     Attract new prospects to your marketing plan

3)     Explore prospect pain

4)     Illustrate benefits

5)     Overcome objections

6)     Paint the picture of life with your product

7)     Deepen loyalty with existing customers

8)     Build your reputation with search engine

Isn’t it making a business sense to refocus your marketing efforts and make it as content rich as possible?

Content is not about blog posts only. However, it does influence major content drive but it also includes;

1)     Blog Posts

2)     Video

3)     E-books

4)     Info-graphics

5)     Expert Opinion

It is the time to become a content-rich company in the domain you operate. For real estate companies, the spectrum of possible content is quite wide which can add value to the life of existing and potential customers.

What I love about content is it has the power to change people’s lives for a second or for a day or forever. Great content creates space for people to pause and reflect, and that space is where transformation happens. – Jolie Miller

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