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7 reasons for Real Estate Companies to invest in Inbound Marketing

The new reality: 90% of home buyers use the internet as a resource for decision-making. National Association of Realtors

The sites like, 99 acres Magicbrick, Makaan and Commonfloor indicate the online boom of the prospective buyers.

All these indicate that most of the new home buyers are online. In these times when the internet has changed everything, the new buyers are smarter. They search the project, company profile, and customer reviews before they engage with the developers.

Are you ready to deal with this unannounced due diligence from the buyers?

Certainly NO.

Here comes the inbound marketing.

The definition: Inbound Marketing is about prospective customers finding the product/service providers rather than the company finding the customers.

Indian reality: Indian Real Estate sector is struggling with the effect of demonetisation and the new legislation like RERA & Benami Property Act etc. The boom, they enjoyed a few years ago due to the booming IT sector is missing. Most of the companies are highly leveraged. The cost of debt servicing is killing. Most have huge unsold inventory. The big problem is about selling.

People are fed up with outbound interruption marketing.

In order to adopt new means to sell and keeping with the latest trend, every real estate company went digital for selling. Everyone should do digital and social media marketing so most of the companies have started digital marketing. However, most are not realising mere website, paid Google/Facebook ad links or SEO are not the end of digital marketing. Everybody is doing it. It is just a beginning and a basic necessity.

The question is: Where are the differentiators? Why should people trust you with their lifelong investment?

The questions to answer are:

  • Have we created relevant content to attract the online prospective buyers?
  • Do we produce content consistently or as and when time permits?
  • Do we have a content calendar?
  • Have we promoted the content we have created?
  • Do we have a hook to capture the inbound leads?
  • Does our website have a call to action for the visitor?
  • Have we worked on the buyers’ Persona to create contextual content?
  • Do we know the buyers’ journey (in the buying process) stage when we create the content?
  • Is our content only about sales and marketing or about prospective customers’ goals/challenges and how can your company help?
  • Have we delighted our existing customers so that they write a good review of our product/services?

Digital and social media marketing without addressing these questions will make it a mere commodity. Inbound content-driven marketing initiative launched addressing the above questions will make the brand stand out among untargeted marketers.

“Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.” David Beebe

Remember one of the top three reasons the prospective customers are searching on the internet is shopping/searching.

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Inbound marketing earns the attention of buyers and sellers, makes your company easy to be found online and draws visitors to your website by producing content that is interesting and helpful to home buyers and sellers.

Benefits of Inbound Content Marketing:

  1. The brand is seen as trusted as the content it creates is to help no to sale only. 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.
  2. Contextual content drives people to the website.
  3. Relevant content makes it more shareable.
  4. Lead capture becomes easier.
  5. Lead conversion becomes quicker and easier with the trusted brands. As per the Custom Content Council, 61% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content.
  6. It costs less and more targeted than outbound marketing.
  7. Inbound Content driven marketing not only helps in selling, but it also built a trustworthy brand which no other mode of sale and marketing efforts can.

The marketing champion and blogger Seth Godin has said Content Marketing is the only marketing that left. This is because content marketing also built trust and makes the brand sensitive to the customers’ needs. Rest all forms of marketing are about selling only.

How trust is important to an otherwise not so customer friendly, non-trusted real estate industry is no brainer. (Real estate is among the top 10 non-trusted industries in the US, In India?? Any guess). Content Marketing is an opportunity for a real estate company to built trust in a trust deficit industry.

“With inbound marketing, you earn your way in rather than buying, begging or bugging your way in.” David Meerman Scott, Communication Expert, and Author.

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