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17 Benefits of Content Marketing for Indian entrepreneurs

 “Content is King!” – Bill Gates

Content Marketing is still an emerging way of marketing in India. Businesses are waking up to the new realities. Most of those who have started doing it, believe content marketing is about content creation and bombarding the content on social networks. They do it without the right purpose, the strategy in place and applying the science of content marketing.

“One of the biggest differences between effective content marketers and those who fail is a documented strategy.” –Patricia Redsicker

Before we talk about the benefit of Content Marketing, let us know some data,

Digital Buyer Penetration in Indian to rise from 43.8% to 70.7% by 2020

According to Digital Vidya, some of the primary objectives for content marketing campaigns in India:

  • 59% wish to be looked upon as ‘Thought Leaders’
  • 41% of the content marketing campaigns aimed at retaining customers
  • 57% aim at lead generation
  • 52% of content marketing campaigns wish to acquire customers

Done right, Content Marketing can offer great business benefits. For those who are confused or do not know more about the content marketing benefits here are some, I have listed.

1)       More content on the website

Content Marketing triggers content creation exercise within the organisation. Content will be uploaded to the website. Relevant content loaded website speaks about the company expertise and experience.

2)       Better ranking on Google

More targeted content makes the website ranking better on the Google search.

“How do we get found in search engines? How do we get people to talk about us on social? We better be interesting and helpful, and we better do that on a consistent basis.” –Joe Pulizzi

3)       More traffic on the website

Better Google ranking is the dream of most of the digital companies. More, consistent, and relevant content can make it possible. This is good for the brand as the visitor/stranger will acquaint with the company activities and offerings.

4)       More time spent on the website

This is obvious. When we have an engaging content on the site, targeted audience will spend more time on the website.

5)       More attachment to the brand

When the content is created to help the targeted audience, people will remember this selfless act.

6)       More trust and authority

More help driven content demonstrates authority and built trust. People will think the company is more than mere selling. The present advertisements most people don’t trust.

7)       More conversation opportunity

More content will bring more people to the blog/website and with more people possibility of engagement will increase. More comments and conversation, better it is for the brand.

8)       Better recall value

People consuming more of the branded content which are created to help the readers, when the time of buying decision comes, content-driven companies have better brand recall value.

9)       Decrease marketing cost

More educative content will make the other mode of marketing less relevant. Customer convincing comes down. No need for interruption marketing when you can do wonders with interesting marketing i.e. content marketing.

10)   Higher lead generation

A higher number of people visiting the site will increase with more and more content. Increase in the targeted audience on the website speed up the buyer’s journey. This enables more leads.

11)   Quicker lead conversion

Carefully crafted content can move the buyer quicker in their buyer’s journey. Their issues and concerns are addressed by smart persona-driven content. This quickens their decision and better for lead conversion.

12)   Better top line

Of course, more leads quicker conversion results in better top line.

13)   Organisation gearing up for the better storytelling

When the Content Marketing is inculcated in company culture, everyone is geared up to look for an interesting story to share with the audience. Sometimes interesting stories are deliberately created for the audience. Content Marketing initiative can trigger a movement in the company. We have an example of Zappos who have become Happiness evangelist. This movement triggered from the company culture.

“Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

14)   Triggers better customer experience movement

Happy employees and excited companies always offer a better customer experience, the ultimate competitive advantage.

15)   Shareable content can become viral

Interesting content can go viral on social media the amount of benefits it can bring to the brand is unthinkable. The challenge is to create interesting and useful content for a targeted audience. People’s desire to share good content is magnanimous.

16)   Works for any industry

Content Marketing success works for every industry. Google is a great enabler. It can work for large businesses as well as for SMEs. It also works for NGOs. Those who create interesting and helpful content reaps benefits of content marketing.

17)   Better Bottom-line

Better top line, coupled with lower marketing cost, better customer experience enables more referrals. Everything adds up to better bottom-line.

The following data will inspire Indian entrepreneurs to think and act before it’s too late.

Carefully and strategically crafted content marketing strategy and execution serves all the business purposes.

“What helps people helps business.” – Leo Burnett

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