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Why Indian Startups/SMEs should embrace Content Marketing?

Content is King, Content Rules, Content Attracts, Content Establishes Trust, Content Opens Dialogue, Content Sells.

As long as Google is used by the people to search content is going to rule.

“Content is the backbone of any drive to interact with your readers or customers. It is the most important opportunity you have to impress the reader with your knowledge, expertise or ethos. The quicker publishers realize this, the quicker their websites take the place they expect in the industry of their choice,” says Shai Aharony, CEO of Reboot Online.

Buyers are fed up with only seller mindset companies. They want help. They want someone to understand their problem and offer an ideal solution. They are confused about multiple choices. Content is what people to Google and search.

They don’t want a seller; they want a helper, a genuine helper. A company whose mission is larger than profit and ROI can only fit this role of a helper.

“Companies with higher sense of purpose outperform by 400%.’’ Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.

Higher sense of purpose does not mean the company is oblivion of the profit and ROI figures. But that is a means to an end.

The strategy of helping the target audience is the core strategy of the forward-looking companies.

 “…. Social enterprise to me is about solving standard business problems with solutions that address social issues like environmental sustainability and economic inequality. That idea started a non-profit world, but more and more, you see it creeping into the for-profit world because the consumer is demanding it.

The customer doesn’t want to purchase something randomly; they want to know where that product is coming from and to identify with that brand. They want to know why they should purchase it and why they should purchase it from you. They want to understand what that brand and the people behind it stand for.” ‘Looptail’, by Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures. 

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When we are living in this content-driven world, our business strategies can’t be age-old. The line between for profit and not for profit companies is a blur now. Adding value to the marketplace is important.

SMEs/Start-ups companies are agile companies. They do not have huge advertising budgets. They can quickly propel their content strategies and start the action.

Based on spending, companies are valuing content marketing — on average, companies allocate 32% of their total marketing budgets toward content. B2B marketers are leading the pack, with 88% using content marketing as part of their overall strategy.

Content Marketing is not only beneficial for budget-starved SMEs/Start-Ups, but it is an important brand building exercise they can unleash online.

Main and Peripheral benefits of Content Marketing are significant.

Main Benefits:

  1.  Brand Awareness
  2. Trust Building
  3. Email database collection
  4. Connects with customers
  5. Quick market insight
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Faster lead conversion

Peripheral Benefits: (When employees are also involved in the content creation process)

  1. Employees look for shareable employee/customer stories to share online
  2. Employees become storytellers
  3. Employees will share their stories on their social platforms
  4. Motivated employees are a huge benefit
  5. Attracts better talent
  6. Happy employees are prerequisites for happy customers /better customer experience
  7. Story creation and storytelling become the culture of the company

Done with the heart, content marketing has a potential to change the company culture.

Once your identity is established, you can move from product marketing to culture marketing.

What was really important for us was to take a step back and rethink how we do things and what we want to stand for, and to document the strategy. That’s not new advice, but not many people are doing it.

I strongly believe that if we as content marketers make culture the driving force of strategy, we will be rewarded with longer-lasting relationships. The most efficient way of doing it is to connect your target audience to your organization’s culture.” Frank Thomas, Adidas Why Company Culture is MVP of Adidas’ Content Strategy: Q+A with Frank Thomas

Remember: The Content Marketing is not for everyone, it’s for the companies with a higher sense of purpose.

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